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  • Winter Citrus Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette served and ready to eat
    Winter Citrus Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette
    January 15, 2018
    Yesterday Tony and I went for our first hike since arriving in Utah. The trail is called The Living Room Trail because at the summit people have built chairs and benches out of flat, red stones. The hike was rated “moderate” and I found it to be a little...
  • Chicken and Sausage Gumbo server up and ready to eat
    Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
    January 11, 2018
    Gumbo is, in a way, the soul food of New Orleans. You start the gumbo by cooking the Trinity: Celery, onion and green bell pepper. This “holy trinity” goes in almost every classic dish and lends flavor and texture. You use whatever protein you have available whether it be...
  • Fettuccine Alfredo swirled on a fork ready to eat
    Fettuccine Alfredo
    December 4, 2017
    This has been one of my favorite dishes since I was a snaggle-haired, chubby little kid. The cheesy, creamy goodness over pasta was just all I had ever wanted out of life. Sometimes my parents would order Olive Garden on a Friday night and as Sadie, my older sister...
  • Sweet & Spicy Balsamic Brussel Sprouts dished and ready to serve
    Sweet & Spicy Balsamic Brussel Sprouts
    November 29, 2017
    I remember standing in the prep area in one of the kitchens I worked at in Colorado when Tyler, one of the line cooks came busting around the corner with a crazed look in his eyes that you only get during the rush. He handed me a metal prep bowl...
  • Hot & Sour Soup dished and ready to eat
    Hot & Sour Soup
    November 26, 2017
    I’ve fallen in love with this soup over the past few months. It is the perfect antidote for when you finally catch that winter cold or when you want to detox from all the holiday feasting but a salad is awfully unappealing on these chilly winter nights. This soup is...
  • Perfect Pumpkin Pie cooked and ready to serve
    Perfect Pumpkin Pie
    November 15, 2017
    I never cared much for pumpkin pie, it always seemed the most boring and uninspired of the pies and overall it was just a little bland. Not to mention on Thanksgiving there is limited stomach space and it is not to be wasted on a slice of mediocre pie. I...

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 Hi I’m Savannah!

In a perfect world, we would all know what “al dente” actually means and a roast chicken would never be stringy and dry. Cleaver Cooking is here to lay bare the secrets of the culinary world, to take the chore out of cooking and to spice up your recipe book with some new favorites. So put on your chef’s hat and let’s get started!

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Restaurant Reviews

    How to Make a Roux for Everything
    January 9, 2018
    What is a roux anyways? It is a thickening technique for sauces, soups, and stews and it is made of equal parts fat and flour. You can use any fat such as oil, butter or lard, and typically all-purpose flour is used. The different types of roux’s are: Blond -...
  • pumpkin puree
    How to Make Pumpkin Puree
    October 16, 2017
    Are you one of those people that stock their pantry with cans of pumpkin puree the minute you feel a chill in the air? I think pumpkin in a can is a miracle, there are so many uses for it! But people get intimidated by cooking an actual pumpkin…...
  • Flipping chicken on the grill for the Marinades & Brining tutorial
    What You Didn't Know About Marinades & Brining
    June 14, 2017
    Marinades are a great way to flavor your meat, however, they will NOT tenderize more than the outer layer. Brining will penetrate the meat on a cellular level effectively tenderizing your whole piece of meat. This can be done in less time than a marinade and is useful for so...
  • Chunks of pineapple to show you how to cut a pineapple
    How to Cut a Pineapple
    May 29, 2017
    It might be tempting to snag that container of pre-cut pineapple from the store, but you’re spending double the money. Not to mention that cut pineapple goes bad a lot faster so you’re either looking at a short shelf life or preservatives. Really cutting a pineapple is a fast process,...

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