Tony Turns 30 – Day 1

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September 8, 2017

What do you do when a person you love is about to turn 30 and they are oh so not excited about it? Well, you make a plan.

At first, we thought about going on a trip but New Orleans is quite honestly the coolest place within 500 miles and so it was decided; we’d spend the weekend exploring the city we had moved here to experience. I set about googling everything, I made a list, scoured the web and actually found quite a few places through Atlas Obscura. I will definitely be using them as a source for each new place we venture to.

Tony’s birthday weekend dawned on Friday the 8th, which he had taken off work. We started the day off with coffee in bed and a jar of skittles. I pulled out the list of things to do (and by list I mean a kinda-organized google doc on my laptop). The list ranged from places to eat, places to explore, and things like “binge-watch favorite movies” and “eat oysters all over the city.”

It took Tony about three seconds to zero in on the one thing I’d been a little hesitant to put on the list; “Kayak to Fort Proctor” an old, abandoned fort dating back to 1856. It used to be accessible by land but is now surrounded by water and the building is in ruins. We looked up Kayak rentals and decided that should be our Saturday conquest.

That being decided, we got ourselves together and went to Katie’s Restaurant for lunch. A highly recommended joint which I’m sad to say, did not live up to the hype, but not be to deterred by a lousy first stop we drove down to the French Quarter to check out Jean Lafitte’s Old Absinthe House, a 200 year old bar where Jean Lafitte (a pirate operating out of the Gulf of Mexico) agreed to join Andrew Jackson in what would be the final battle in the war of 1812 along with many other claims to fame. Read more here

The bar itself is located on Bourbon St and we found ourselves next to a man of about fifty, wearing a cotton dress with a floral print over his clothes. He was extremely drunk and trying to give a stuffed animal to the bartender. Not an uncommon sight on Bourbon St.

We stayed for a Sazerac and then headed back to the house to refuel and have a few beers before hitting Frenchman St for some live music.

Frenchmen St is where the locals go to party. With fantastic live music in every other bar and the brass band playing on the corner, it’s a music mecca and the drinks go down easy. We ended up at Cafe Negril and as the night drew on we were elbow to elbow with the crowd dancing to the band while Bob Marley smiled down from a poster above the stage.

Eventually, we got hungry and left the bar, walking back through the French Quarter where we spied open seats at Cafe Du Monde. Grinning we sat ourselves down, our order was taken and not three minutes later we were feasting on piping hot beignets and cafe au lait with chicory. It really was delicious and blew my expectations out of the water.

We paid with cash then brushed the powdered sugar off ourselves and walked a mile to Peche Seafood Grill where we had oysters and feasted on a whole, grilled redfish with chimichurri. Then feeling fat and happy we called an Uber home to end our first night of birthday celebration.

To Be Continued…

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