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October 21, 2017

Sadie’s flight arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday, Oct 21st and she stepped off the plane with her short, stylish hair and a snazzy, black jacket looking for all the world like she had the Seattle business scene entirely under control. Tony and I scooped her from the airport and we all convened back to the house for a snack before heading out for the evening.

Sadie and I giggled and gaggled and spent an hour getting ready to go out while blasting Rihanna. It was very reminiscent of earlier years. Sadie announced she was wearing her cute boots with heels and that she’d likely be very sorry about that later in the day. In true sister fashion, I borrowed her everyday boots and some mascara and then Tony braved the traffic and dropped us off downtown before heading off to do his own thing so we could catch up (did I mention he’s the best?).

We stopped for an espresso before dinner and had a nice, half a mile walk to St James Cheese Co where we ordered mac n cheese, a pickle plate, a cheese board and a bottle of Cava. The hours flew by and we stayed until they closed at 8:00 pm. We stepped outside to discover the biggest Halloween parade in New Orleans, The Krew of Boo, was parading down the street we were on. And let me tell you, they do not half-ass their parades.

After the parade, we met up with Tony for drinks and walked to the French Quarter. Sadie’s feet began to hurt so we traded shoes and kept on! We stopped at Cafe Du Monde for beignets, spent a few minutes on Bourbon St and then hit Frenchmen St for some live music where we danced till midnight and then called ourselves an Uber home. We arrived home and we all fell asleep on the couch watching Friends and eventually stumbled off to bed.

Day 2

Sunday morning we awoke around 9:00 am to this Snapchat from Tori, not even here yet and she managed to bring cheer to the morning. We poured coffee into our variety of Stanley Thermoses and buzzed off to the airport. Tori stepped off the plane in a breath of mountain air with a flowy, maroon top and brown boots with accenting, autumn earrings.

I got a little overzealous and leaped out of the still-moving car when I saw her coming out of the terminal (Tony really does put up with a lot). I hugged her neck and she hopped into the back with Sadie and we buzzed off to get brunch!

The temperature was muggy when we got to the restaurant and when we left an hour later after mimosas and mushroom french toast the air had dropped to a windy 50 degrees. We all agreed more coffee was needed and went to Cherry Espresso bar, one of my favorite coffee shops in New Orleans. We squeezed around a small table and drank cappuccino’s while catching up on life.

We then headed to Rouses Grocers and picked up fixings for dinner, agreeing that a night in was just the ticket. We bought bottles of wine and things for one of my favorite salads Date Night Salad and Black Bean Sweet Potato Tacos with Homemade Flour Tortillas. We then spent the chilly afternoon in jackets on the front porch steps with glasses of wine talking about life.

When we got hungry we went in and made dinner which was eaten over more episodes of Friends.

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Day 3

Monday dawned and Tony went back to work. Sadie who was also using this as a work trip had a very organized list of stops to be made and we all piled in the car and buzzed off delivering cases of Oatly Milk to various coffee shops and bakeries about the city.

It was a lovely day despite the two parking tickets I managed to get myself in the span of an hour (Just checking to make sure the meter maids actually ticket you) and we stopped for ice cream at an affogato bar and by 3:00 pm, we had made 15 stops and realized that real food was needed, so we had a late lunch at District Donuts, Sliders and Brews.

We drove through City Park on the way home and walked through the Besthoff Sculpture Garden, and then wandered down by the lake for awhile. We then headed back home and all decided another night in and some pasta was the best choice. We made fettuccini alfredo, watched Friends and enjoyed the last evening of Sadie being here.

Day 4

Sadie’s flight left before sunup and I had to argue her out of taking an Uber. We made coffee and enjoyed the quiet ride to the airport where she headed back to Seattle (We’ll be spending Christmas with her there so it wasn’t too sad of a farewell).

Back home Tori and I slept in a little and then aired up the bike tires and biked six miles to Cafe Du Monde where we ate hot beignets and explored the quarter. We watched the Brass Band play, walked through Jackson Square, visited New Orleans School of Cooking for a praline and when we had seen it all, we hopped back on our bikes and went to Peche for lunch where we had smothered catfish, a shrimp roll, and the most delicious tuna from the raw bar.

We then biked back towards home stopping at St Louis Cemetery on the way. By the time we got home it was almost time for Tori’s flight. We printed off her boarding pass and bickered about Tori trying to leave us money for staying. Sadie had sneakily snuck cash into the cupholder of the car on her trip to the airport but I was sure I had outwitted Tori, I had already found and returned some bills stuffed into my pillowcase. She got me later, she had left cash inside the cheese grater which she knew I’d find in a timely manner. I, of course, was grating cheese later that night and found it, ten points to Gryffindor!

We said goodbye and dropped her at the airport. We’ll be seeing her again in December too so the farewell was sweet. And so the sisters returned home and New Orleans was a little brighter for having had them here.

To Be Continued…

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  • ma brown~

    you made my morning… I smiled through the whole adventure…

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