The Long Haul – Part 3

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December 22, 2017

Old Town Fort Collins is charming in the winter with its strings of lights and quaint shops. As I write this from the Bean Cycle, having finished my first cup of coffee, I am now semi-awake and rummaging about in my laptop bag for headphones to drown out the holiday buzz. My bag is full of odds and ends that wouldn’t fit anywhere else in the car, so now anywhere I go with my laptop one of those hair dryer attachments from the 80’s goes with me that I am convinced I will use at some point in my life.

It is lightly snowing outside and one of my good friends Carlye, who is currently studying at Harvard just walked in the door, Tori is working behind the counter and that is what I love about the bean cycle. There’s always someone you know and it just makes the day a little brighter.

Last weekend Tony and I got up with plans to drive into Old Town and get coffee before repacking all of our things and hauling them all over to Max and Tori’s, who are putting up with us for the duration of our stay in Colorado. We hopped into the faithful Burban and it flashed a “check engine light” at us. We stared stupidly at the light for a minute before popping the hood. The dipstick had nothing but a bit of black sludge on the end of it and our pre-coffee panic was real for a minute there.

So we pulled on our gloves and coats and biked two miles to Walmart where we bought oil and biked back to the car. Tony filled the engine exclaiming “Things like this aren’t supposed to happen before coffee!” Fortunately, the engine had only burned a couple quarts and so we added this to the list of things to manage along with a new power steering pump that we’ve discovered was the cause of the suspicious noise when leaving Kansas City.

Eventually, coffee was had, all of our clothes were stuffed back into the vacuum bags which become less and less organized each time we relocate, and everything was reloaded into the suburban just as the last rays of sunlight disappeared.

We drove to Horse and Dragon, one of our favorite breweries in Fort Collins and sat down with our beers across from a woman of about sixty-five. She ended up being the most fascinating person, ex-Navy and has traveled all over the world. Truly interesting people with a character built out of so many experiences are so rare and it always serves as a reminder not to judge a book by its cover. She was kind enough to take this cute photo of Tony and I and even accepted my friend request on Facebook.

We then drove to Krazy Karl’s to get pizza and I will proudly say we’ve now had pizza from them three times since our arrival in FOCO. And so to Max and Tori’s we went, a couple pizzas and all our life’s belongings in tow. And we’ve spent most of our evenings since eating something with a lot of carbs and watching Netflix till everyone falls into a sleepy stupor on the couch. As you’re reading this I’m likely putting some of our clothes from one bag into another getting ready to fly to Seattle for Christmas. Wish us luck! I’m sure a lot of exciting stories await us at the Denver airport, four days before Christmas.

To Be Continued…

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  • Ben

    Awwweee… You’re making me homesick… 🙂 Tell everyone I said HI!!! And have a wonderful rest of your trip!!! 🙂

    • Savannah

      Will do Ben! Hope you’re loving Budapest!

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