The Long Haul – Part 2

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December 15, 2017

Tony and I arrived in Colorado at 3:30 pm last Saturday. We made astonishingly good time despite our car making a weird noise that we decided to ignore and our lengthy stop for breakfast in Lawrence, KS at 1900 Barker, one of the best bakeries and coffee shops I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting and trust me I’ve been to my fair share.

We ate buttery croissants and drank espresso and before we left, we bought one of their beautiful, crusty loaves of bread. It sat next to me the whole drive and I am proud to say I did not take so much as one pinch out of that gorgeous loaf although I kept sticking my face in the bag to smell it.

Trish, my old boss from The Cooking Studio Fort Collins is one of the best people in the world and she is putting Tony and myself up for a whole week. She has a little dog named Ollie that quickly became Tony’s best buddy and sits on his lap for hours at a time while he works.

Tony sits on a chair he brought home from the thrift store for seven dollars and to our chagrin, we discovered upon its arrival in Trish’s kitchen that the cushiony upholstery was laden with what seemed like car grease. After several futile attempts to clean it, Tony went out and bought duct tape and taped the entire chair and just like that we could have fit in at any dormitory on the CSU campus.

We’ve spent our evenings so far eating and drinking at our favorite places or visiting Tori and Max. A couple nights ago, we had the grand idea that we should take them a present and ding-dong-ditch them. They live on a very dark street which might have helped or hurt our cause, it’s difficult to say. But we drove over, parked the car out of sight, dragged their present onto the front step, then I banged on the door and we bolted behind a pine tree spraying gravel behind us.

We waited, puffing out steam into the cold air… And waited… And nothing happened. I pictured the last scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in my head. Finally, Tori texted me asking “Did you guys just knock on our door?” I, of course, replied “No.” and then Tony ran up and knocked again.

Still nothing, and I look down to see a text from Tori reading “Well they waited five minutes and knocked again so I called the cops.” I immediately texted back setting the matter straight and suddenly I could hear Tori burst out laughing inside. They opened the door and we piled in, all of us laughing hysterically and then an officer was at the door looking like we were the most boring thing he’d ever seen as Tori explained the situation. He waved dismissively and strode off importantly while we laughed harder.

Despite Tori and Max calling the cops on us, they have still kindly agreed to let us stay with them the rest of our time in Colorado. We’ve promised to try and keep the shenanigans to a minimum. I will be picking up a few shifts at my old jobs, The Cooking Studio, and Bean Cycle, the latter of which Tori currently works at. The hope is that this will keep me out of trouble but I wouldn’t count on it. 😉

To Be Continued…

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