The Long Haul – Part 1

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December 8, 2017

Have you ever seen Cheaper By the Dozen? Because if so you’ll have an idea of what this past weekend was like for Tony and I. It was the first time in three years that all of my siblings and myself were back in Kansas City at the same time and no one knew exactly what to expect.

Eleven kids, ranging from ages five to twenty-six, two very brave boyfriends, two dogs, six cars, and more fish than anyone dare count. Tony and I arrived late Friday night after thirteen hours on the road and Sadie, Tori, and Max her boyfriend, flew in on Saturday night.

Tony and I were staying a whole week while the girls and Max were leaving late on Tuesday. My dad was kind enough to put us up at his place where it is quiet and Tony can set up his computers and work Monday-Friday.

The time together was a blur, the older crew met together in the mornings for coffee at our favorite spots downtown, caffeinating before the onslaught of kid energy and then we all spent fifteen minutes trying to coordinate who should go in what car and who needed gas and who’s backpack and keys were missing. At one point I ended up with two backpacks that were not my own, a birthday balloon zipped into one of them and a cup of coffee balanced in my hand.

Eventually, we all arrived with most of our belongings. My Mom’s house always has a pot of coffee made and usually someone’s forgotten cup in the microwave… There’s always someone eating, dogs barking and the kids run in and out of the kitchen, ecstatic with the visitors. Despite all of this you might find one someone asleep on the couch, mid-afternoon, completely oblivious to the chaos surrounding them.

Tony quickly got dragged outside to shoot airsoft with the boys and Sophie managed to get a skateboard lesson out of him, afterward, she announced “I only bled a little, don’t tell mom!

Max whose birthday was on Monday was a big hit and managed to convince the younger ones that he was turning one hundred and five.This went on for all three days they were visiting and everyone was very impressed. Somewhere in the chaos meals were made, eaten, and everyone ventured outside with another round of coffee to watch the younger ones race each other up and down the sidewalk.

Eventually, we all left and met back downtown for BBQ and cocktails, finishing out the night with drinks at Tessie’s downtown loft. The days flew by in a near repeat of this pattern and suddenly we were hugging goodbye and shuttling everyone off to the airport.

Our last days here transpired quickly and Tony and I will be heading to Colorado tomorrow for a few weeks!

To Be Continued…

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