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December 1, 2017

As you’re reading this, Tony and I will be on the road to Kansas City. As I write this, I’m lying on a pile of clothes that needs to be sorted, vacuum bagged, or set aside for the next month of traveling. The exhaustion is running deep my friends. Between the last busy, weeks of work and being sick for two weeks, I am fresh out of energy and motivation.

I know many of you can empathize this time of year. There are holidays, family and political agendas to deal with, and somehow the same Christmas carol is playing at every department store you walk into. But I truly believe that by the time you’re reading this all of the overwhelming pile that is our belongings will be in some sort of box and packed into the Suburban, which, by the way, the back door hinge has broken on and now when you open the hatch it comes flying right back down. I can’t WAIT to load the car with that exciting development.

This last month has been a blur but one of the main highlights was getting to meet Joy the Baker, a New Orleans based food blogger that I’ve held in high regard for several years now. She’s a fantastic person with amazing recipes and you should check out her food blog here!

The second was a visit from one of my favorite people, a New Orleans native that I met in Colorado. She’s an amazing chef and also a fantastic singer, the ever fabulous Liz Barnez! Because she is good at everything she’s also mastered the real estate business, so if you’re looking for a personal chef, musician or realtor, contact Liz Barnez in Fort Collins, CO. If nothing else do so just so you can meet her, she really is one of those rare people that leave a stamp of joy on your life. Plus she loves food as much as I do and we went to lunch together and talked about how good the rum cake was for a solid fifteen minutes.

Tony and I are gearing up for a month of being Nomads. I won’t spoil everything but our first stop is Kansas City for a week to visit my family. Our four months in New Orleans have been enlightening. The city often takes more than it gives, the people of New Orleans can be hard to communicate with, bitter and resistant to change. There’s so much sorrow here and their bitterness is rooted in a really terrible history.

But no matter what hand they’ve been dealt the spirit of celebration in this city is one you cannot crush. The spirit of New Orleans comes out in their yell when the Saints kick off, you can hear it in their laughter when they share a joke with their coworker while completely oblivious of the customer in front of them. But it really shows when they march in a parade. The city stops for them and people take a moment of their busy day to celebrate for the sake of celebration and life! And that is a beautiful thing to be a part of. New Orleans, it’s been a pleasure. We’ll be seeing you…

To Be Continued…

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