Portland, OR

September 2018 – Present

Portland to Portland

October 19, 2018 Hello friends! I feel like I’m slowly coming back to the land of the living (AKA, the world online) after the last two months of craziness. And once I surface through all the facebook bog of politics,

The House, the Dogs, and the Cars

November 2, 2018 If you don’t know what Petfinder is, it is someones brilliant creation of an app that allows dog shelters to put up their adoptable dogs with a bio, their picture, and a bit of info about them.

A Bag of Bananas & a Bottle of Tamari

December 17, 2018 The month of December was a special time in my professional life. Let’s just be real here, I currently run a small kitchen program out of one of the more “well-to-do” coffee shops in PDX. We poach