How to Dice a Sweet Potato

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Cutting a sweet potato is like cutting a great, big carrot. It’s not a soft vegetable, making it a little more dangerous to cut. It’s also really awkwardly shaped, making it challenging to get the same-sized pieces out of it. So who’s up for a challenge?

First things first, lop off those ole, scraggly ends.

Next we’re going to make it more manageable. Go ahead and cut it in half, then stand one half up on its flat surface.

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When creating a flat surface, think about squaring off the sweet potato. I try to find the part that is sticking out the most and won’t make for a good dice, then shave it off.

Lay the potato on its’ flat surface and begin cutting slices about ½ inch thick.

You should be able to get 3-4 slices out of the potato half depending on its size.

Stack up two of the slices and carefully cut them into potato fries. If the pieces fall off, just stack them right back up.

Holding the stack together, cut across the other direction, making a dice. Cut the pieces a little bigger at the skinny end and a little smaller at the fatter end so they end up roughly the same size.

And there ya have it! A diced sweet potato which I recommend roasting with cumin, salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon!

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