How to Dice a Potato

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This is my go-to method for dicing potatoes. Whether the potatoes are going to be mashers, soup or roasted this creates nice, bite-sized pieces so you can have a bite of potato with enough room on your spoon for whatever else is a part of your dish. If you’re going to boil the potatoes, smaller pieces cook faster so it’s a double win!

Let’s start. First we create a flat surface. So just go ahead and shave a little bit off one side of your tater.

Roll it onto its flat surface and begin cutting slices about ½ inch thick.

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Try and make all your pieces the same size. Potatoes are very starchy and like to stick to the knife, I usually have to slide each piece off of the knife after I cut.

Now take two or three of those slices and stack them together, then cut back through them so it looks like you’re cutting french fries.

Notice my fingers come over the knife after the cut and slide the potato pieces off of the knife. It’s the way of the game.

For the last few cuts I have my hand holding the stack together once i’ve got the knife to bite into the potato. It’s much easier to hold the stack together after every slice than to try and manage individual, slippery potato fries. Turn your stack you’ve held together the other way and slice back across those fries, making a dice.

Tada! Masterfully diced taters, all the same size ready for whatever the kitchen may bring.

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