How to Hold a Knife Properly

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How many of you guys hold a knife like this? This grip makes most people feel like they have control over the knife. But actually trying to control an entire knife with your pointer finger makes your grip pretty wobbly and your cuts are likely to lean to the left or right as you chop down.

To have the most control over your knife you want to pinch the blade with your thumb and pointer.

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This means the force coming out of your arm is directly over the knife blade and you can use your whole arm and hand to cut things instead of one finger.

Then you wrap your remaining three fingers around the handle.

On most knives there’s a convenient little nook built into the handle to rest your middle finger. This is known as the Bolster.

OK so what happens with the other hand? You want to hold your other hand in what’s known as the Chef’s Claw. Notice how my fingertips are holding onto the apple? And my middle knuckle is resting against the blade? You don’t have to keep your knuckle touching the blade at all times but it’s a nice guide to keep you from lopping off your fingertips when you have a lot of chopping to do.

This way if your knife slips the worst that happens is you scrape your knuckles.

Now the last thing you need to know about using a knife. Notice how the blade is curved? This is designed so you can slide your knife back and forth rather than chopping straight down. So next time you cut up something, try sliding the knife forward or backwards through the item rather than planting your knife and pushing down. This makes the knife do all the work for you and it also keeps you from bruising whatever it is you’re chopping.

P.S despite what we grew up learning, this is not a great way to cut an apple. Never cut towards yourself, place the apple on it’s flat bottom and cut around the core. Much faster, safer and your pieces come out even. Congrats! You are now a pro on knife skills. Any time you’re watching a cooking video or demo, check to see how they hold a knife. That is a tell-tale sign of whether or not they’ve had any professional training.

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