Dear January, We’re Through!

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February 2, 2018

As I sit in my apartment at 7:08 am in my coat and boots, clutching a cup of coffee I would just like to stop and think about exactly what has gone on in January. Because really it’s seemed like such a fast-paced ride that I can’t keep track of the stops.

Since our arrival on the 1st, we’ve unpacked, created a laundry system with a washer that hooks to the sink and a clothesline in our bedroom, built permanent shelves and counters into the kitchen, I started two new jobs, we flew to Wisconsin for a week with an hours notice for a family members surgery (Surgery went great! They are in recovery), flew back and found out the next day our apartment attic was being sprayed with insulation and we had to be out for 24 hours.

The next morning after dragging everything out of the attic, Tony packed up his gear to go snowboarding, we booked an Airbnb and retreated to a coffee shop by 8:00 am. Then we got a call telling us there was a mix-up and the company was actually coming next Tuesday. That brings us to this week…

So Tuesday night we found ourselves in one of the strangest Airbnb’s. A little second level apartment much like our own but with a distinctive creepy quality about it. There were rugs on the carpet and a whole cluster of outdated furniture and the landlady had gone nuts with passive aggressive notes stuck to the walls stating things like “pick a hook and reuse your towel” and “No lotions or oils on the bedding.” She also proudly displayed a notepad and pen next to all of the “thank you” notes her guests had left. In her defense, she did leave some snacks that I ate in the dark living room while watching Law and Order, which didn’t really do much to alleviate the creeps.

We baked a pizza for dinner and the simple act of pulling it out of the oven set off the fire alarm clear across the living room. I could have thrown that thing out the window without a bit of remorse! I should preface this with the exciting news that the fire alarm at our apartment will go off randomly for something as minor as cooking an egg and I’ve managed to set it off six times since moving in, naturally always after 10:00 pm. I know Utah is a dry state but dear god, the steam from buttering a piece of toast is not going to burn down the house.

Fortunately, the good lady of the house didn’t hear the alarm going off although apparently, she could hear water running in the bathroom clear as a bell and texted “would we please lift the toilet handle” to stop it. I contemplated leaving the faucet on a slow drip before leaving at 6 am this morning but Tony hurried me out the door before I could cause any trouble.

We arrived back home to windows wide open in the chilly air and I made a pot of coffee and wrote this. Mind you the first draft was really a rant and was revised after a few cups of coffee and a hot shower.

But sometimes we’re all a little better for a good rant and funnily enough, it’s never the things that you worry about that actually end up happening to you.

Despite our crazy month of fire alarms, family, and feeling like I’m STILL living out of a suitcase, I’m really enjoying it here in Utah. Both my jobs are so refueling that I don’t mind the forty minute drive to one and the learning curve that they both present. If I could go back to the first of the year, I would tell myself “You’re going to learn so much, enjoy the ride.”

To Be Continued…

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