Daiquiris & A Fond Farewell to Wanda the Honda

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I didn’t actually know what a daiquiri was other than some kind of cocktail. Turns out, there’s New Orleans daiquiris, and there’s a daiquiri you could get at an expensive bar that would be totally different. In New Orleans, you go to a daiquiri barn. You can drive through and get a daiquiri to go, or you can go in and order your daiquiri through metal bars and bullet-proof glass, much like those places that cash checks in the ghetto. Despite the bars and glass, the employee’s knew most of the customers and they joked back and forth in between orders.

Through the bars, you can see slushy machines churning like you would find at 7/11 gas station. Styrofoam cups with “Fat Tuesday” printed on them are filled with your desired poison in a 12, 20, or 32 oz size. I apprehensively ordered a 12oz of something blue with Everclear in it and after making sure I knew what size that was, the daiquiri tender had to go fish the weenie cups out of the back for me. Turns out it’s not “in” to order anything under a 20oz at a daiquiri barn. Let it be a lesson to us all.

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Wanda the Honda

My license plates were set to expire the month we moved to New Orleans. After a little research, I discovered registering my car in Louisiana and getting insurance for this swampland of a state was going to cost me as much as my rent. This led to the decision to sell my car and carry on our travels with just Tony’s Suburban.

I dragged the vacuum outside hooked to an extension cord and sucked up all the road trip crumbs and bobby pins, scrubbed out the coffee stains and put it on craigslist where it promptly sold to a sweet, school teacher who didn’t get her car to high ground in time during the last rainfall.

And thus ends the seven-year-saga of me and “Wanda the Honda.” The money from Wanda I used to pay off a credit card from school and now happily, instead of rocketing insurance and licensing fee’s along with a credit card bill, I am saving money.

This little Honda was my first car and I never planned on selling it. Funny how things can change so quickly but if there’s one thing I’m learning it is to roll with the punches. If you’re willing to do that you can always figure it out.

To Be Continued…

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