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January 5, 2018

Our last few days in Colorado were all a bit of a celebration. Tori’s birthday was December 30th and we got Thai food and celebrated by curling up on the couch in our pajamas and putting on a Youtube video of a crackling fire in the absence of a chimney. I swear it felt warmer closer to the TV. A couple of Tori and Max’s good friends drove up from Denver for New Year’s Eve, bringing brie and crackers with them. I instantly knew that I liked them.

The next morning Tony and I were up at 5:30 am, deflated and rolled up our faithful air mattress and the last of the clothes, and tucked everything into the car. Tori and Max came out to hug us goodbye, I have to say our stay with Tori and Max was the highlight of December. Even if they did call the cops on us.

Monday, January 1st we drove for Salt Lake City, our home for the next four months! I must confess it feels so strange to be staying in one place for more than a week but I’m so excited to get back to a routine for a while.

Our apartment in Salt Lake is roughly 600 square feet! The bedroom is my favorite room, the sunlight streams through the windows and it is very cozy. This place was a steal, incredibly cheap and all utilities included but no washer and dryer hookups and the kitchen is so tiny and has almost no counter space! So Tony went to work and convinced the landlords to let us put in some counters.

Since arriving on Monday we have managed to unpack everything but the kitchen, I’ve had two job interviews, we bought and set up a snazzy washer that hooks up to the kitchen sink and rigged up a clothesline that shows our knickers fashionably out the bedroom window. We’ve spent at least five hours at hardware stores and been hard at work cutting and drilling to make shelves and counters. I can’t wait until I’m back in the kitchen making new recipes for you guys!

I’m equally excited for this place to feel like a home once we’re finished but if 2017 taught me anything it was to be more present in the moment. And so even though we’ve been eating a lot of dinners on the living room floor and I’m really excited not to be cutting wood till after dark and breathing sawdust for hours on end, I want to enjoy this time in my life as much as possible, splinters and all. Happy New Year!

To Be Continued…

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