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October 13, 2017

What is it really like to travel to a New City with your significant other, spend four months there and then pack up and do it all over again? There are all kinds of exciting/frustrating events that make for good stories but what about the day to day life?

This Friday I wanted to pull back the curtain a bit and let you peek into our lives. The boring, cranky, unadventurous part that I am actually writing while mechanically eating cough drops to ward off a nasty sore throat. So what is that we do?


Well, we go to Walmart. That’s right, in all it’s unglamorous glory it is still the most affordable place to buy Cheez-Its and toilet paper and every time we start to run low on the essentials, I began gnashing my teeth and screwing up the corners of my eyes to convey just how badly I don’t want to go. We’ve nicknamed Walmart “The Place,” always to be said with an air of disdain.

La Croix

On the subject of curious things we do Tony and I drink a ridiculous amount of La Croix. We drank a lot in Colorado but here in Nawlins the humidity and constant heat have nearly doubled our intake of the cold, bubbly treat. We had a few blissful weeks of having Walmart deliver it a few cases at a time to our door and then perhaps they realized what was happening because they raised the price. We were crushed like an empty can in the recycling bin… Tony, not to be deterred got online and found a big sale on La Croix through Office Depot, and we ordered 12 cases of it, 6 lime and 6 grapefruit equaling 144 cans. The order shipped on 09/28/2017 and we finished the last can of it five weeks later. The weather here is finally cooling off and I think MAYBE we’ve had our fill of La Croix for a little while.

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Water Boil Advisory

Another exciting thing that is just part of daily life when living in New Orleans, is the occasional city mandated water boil advisory. I remember I was at one of my last shifts at District Donuts when my phone buzzed with the announcement that a boil advisory was in effect for the East Bank.

I didn’t know what that meant… Surely it did not mean we had to boil our drinking water, that kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore. Turns out it sure does in New Orleans, effectively shutting down the ice machine, espresso machine, etc.

The boil advisory lasted for 27 hours and we showered with our mouths closed and washed our dishes in my largest stock pot with gallons of the store bought water. It was definitely a New Orleans specific experience but not necessarily one I feel you need to go through to truly experience the city.


Tony and I take our bikes out on the reg which has become a rather daring adventure here in the city. One night at work I received a text from Tony saying he’d been clipped by a car but was fine and not to worry. I then received several images in succession of him proudly showing off his battle wounds. This is not the first time I’ve gotten a text that Tony had gotten in a fight with the ground. Somehow he always comes out on top, he’s scrappy like that.

But when we’re able to avoid the errant drivers, biking to City Park has become a favorite stress reliever of mine. City Park is huge and has trails running through it, tennis courts, baseball fields, a large pond with willows kissing the water, and my personal favorite, a calisthenics park!
I’ll bike over, do my workout and then if I’m feeling extra spry, plug on two extra miles to get a coffee from the District Donuts I used to work at. It’s important to listen to what your body needs that day and sometimes that’s a sit by the lake and sometimes it’s a giant donut with your coffee.

Hurricane Nate

And how about those hurricanes? It’s been interesting living in New Orleans during hurricane season. We dodged Harvey and Irma and just when the city thought it was in the clear, hurricane Nate was predicted to hit as a category two. Evacuation wasn’t necessary and we both had the weekend off so we headed to the store to fight the mobs for groceries.

We ended up at the downtown Rouses Grocers where you have to pay for parking. Unless of course, you leave me in the car and I will drive away from anyone who tries to give us a ticket. Tony made the dash to the store and I watched in fascination as the entire downtown of New Orleans flocked to get their “bread and milk.”

We got home right as the rain began to begin in earnest. Tony went outside to strap down the garbage cans and loose items and I filled the bathtub with water and dug out the candles. I then got a pot of chili going and we broke into our supply of wine.

It must say I was excited! I was entirely prepared to rough it by candlelight and break out the board games. A citywide curfew went into effect at seven pm and the hours clicked by. Lo and behold, Nate changed his course and we didn’t get so much as one more drop of rain.

I felt slightly jipped out of my first hurricane experience although had it been on the level of Harvey or Irma, you’d better believe we would be far far away by the time it hit. But the excitement died with the wind, the curfew was lifted and life went back to Walmart deliveries, water boils and bike rides. Thanks for tuning in, see you next Friday!

To Be Continued…

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