A Sudden Change in the Weather

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January 19, 2018

Last week Tony and I skipped putting out the Nutshell Friday. This was an act of self-care because, since the 1st of the year when we drove up to our new home in Salt Lake City I have started two new jobs, we spent countless hours measuring, cutting and building counters for the kitchen, Tony went back to work and we began publishing recipes on the blog again. So Instead we went out to dinner at Chile Tepin, a Mexican restaurant with a delicious Paloma and we sat and ate tacos and felt very tired and proud of what we had accomplished, not the least of which are the counters which turned out AMAZING and completely transformed that tiny kitchen.

But let’s rewind a little and I’ll catch you up on the past two weeks –

I had two interviews; One, working production at Ritual Chocolate in Park City and the other as a chef instructor at the Salt Lake Culinary Center. Despite my short timeline, I’m happy to say I was hired on at both and I’m already so enjoying the positive environment and the amazing people. My job at Ritual involves tempering the chocolate, molding the bars and packaging hundreds of bars a day. The machines are often loud so everyone puts in their earphones and listens to podcasts, music or in my case, audiobooks! (Any book recommendations you all can give me would be welcome!) We then usually spend the afternoon talking about anything and everything and I come home every day smelling like chocolate.

My second day at Ritual I went out to the car for lunch and as I headed back inside at the end of my break I hit the lock, slammed the door and even as the sound of the slamming car door still hung in the air I realized my keys were in the car. The kind auto shop across the street that does AAA support came over and retrieved my keys for free! I showered them with thank you’s and hot chocolates, and overall it was the most pleasant experience of locking my keys in my car to date!

The weekend rolled around and our to-do list was a mile long. So we slept in, put the list on hold and then went for a hike! Tony and I have been so busy or so tired during the time we do get together that we were both giddy to get outdoors, feeling well rested and energized with each other. We hiked The Living Room Trail which is a fairly rigorous hike and the summit has an amazing view that you can enjoy seated on red brick benches and chairs that have been built from the flat, red rocks. Hence where the trail got its name from.

Then Tuesday afternoon came… I had gone for a run and was preparing to head to a coffee shop to work on the blog when Tony walked in and said: “I’ve got some bad news.” His dad was in the hospital and they’d found a large tumor in his brain and could potentially be operating in the next few hours.

We packed our bags and were on our way to the airport thirty minutes later. A few hour flight delay had us in Milwaukee by 1:30 am and we had learned they wouldn’t be operating that night. The next morning Tony’s sister picked us up from the airport and drove us to Madison where his family lives.

The Operation has been moved to Monday and will likely be about four hours and then they’ll be able to biopsy the tumor and know what the next best steps will be. In the meantime, his Dad was discharged and we’re happy to be spending the week with his family at their home. We’d love if you’d send us your positive thoughts, prayers, and all the good juju!

To Be Continued…

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