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February 9, 2018

I can hardly believe that a year ago Tony and I launched Cleaver Cooking! It’s been such a whirlwind of late nights, powdered sugar covered kitchens, climbing on counters to get shots, learning that imperfect pictures and ugly dishes are ok, and so much growing on both our parts. And I’m so pleased to say that in January of 2018, our number of followers increased by 30%!!! That is HUGE and thank you so much to every one of you who have followed along with our journey for a whole year or if you’re just now joining us, welcome! You all are the reason we’re doing this and I LOVE seeing when you make our recipes or chime in about our travels.

This past weekend Tony and I headed out to run errands. We shipped off Ritual Chocolate bars to the winner of January’s giveaway (Congratulations Sheri!), and Tony had ripped out his snowboarding pants (happens to the best of us!) so he went shopping for new ones while I went on a mad hunt for purple, green and gold sanding sugar to make a king cake, because ya’ll it’s almost Mardi Gras!

This month we’ve started looking for a place to live at our next stop, Portland Maine, where we plan on heading for in May. Over the weekend Tony was emailing with the kindest couple that were looking to rent out their house on Old Orchard Beach while they went camping for the summer. It was ideal – Five minutes from the beach, in our price range, a beautiful house and kitchen, a short bus ride to Portland, everything checked out. We were so excited, I started looking up jobs and Tony began researching good fishing spots while we imagined our dream summer…

The next morning I received the text message you see in the photo… I was so confused, the couple had checked out and I hadn’t been communicating with them so surely this was something else. I wrote back and to my relief, it was their son who owns a cyber security company and was making sure we weren’t scamming his parents!

We had a good laugh about that while eating King Cake which turned out beautifully by the way, and I’m not ashamed to say Tony and I polished off the entire cake in three days.

But it was too good to be true… Tony got an email on Monday and one of our “soon to be landlords” had to have knee surgery in April, effectively canceling their summer plans. We were bummed, they were bummed… Their cat is likely the only one pleased with the situation as he doesn’t have to go to daycare for the summer now.

We drowned our woes in an apple pie since we’d eaten all the King Cake which in fact, did make me feel better. It’s still early on but if you know of anyone looking to rent near the Portland, Maine area please don’t hesitate to let us know!

But on a brighter note, we’ve really been enjoying finding a routine again. Yesterday Tony and I had a competition to see who could drink the most water. I’m always on his case about water and he always responds that coffee and beer count! I was sure I’d win but he pulled through late last night and chugged a bottle, setting him one ahead and I was too waterlogged to make any kind of a comeback.

We also discovered a trail that runs through our cul-de-sac and goes for several miles leading to a beautiful park. I’ve so been enjoying getting out in this crazy, 50 degree February in Utah! I’ve just remembered there’s chicken in the oven so I must go and rescue it. Happy Friday ya’ll!

To Be Continued…

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